Treatment Fees

New patient consultation £65.00
Radiographs (each) £10.00
Routine Exam from £45.00
Ortho Panto Gram (Digital) from £27.00
Children's examination 2-6 from £16.00
Children's examination 7-11 from £19.00
Children's examination 12-17 from £21.00
Children's examination from £16.00
Emergency appointment / New patient from  £60.00
Review £29
Silver (amalgam) filling from £80.00
White (composite) filling from £78.00
Children's fillings from £37.00
Hygiene visit (30min) from £60.00 Peak £70
Hygiene visit (45min) from £85.00 Peak £95
Crowns from  £500
Inlay / Onlays from £500.00
Implants from £1800
Implants with Vipul (different system than Arrif) from £2450
Bridges from £400.00
Root canal treatment Incisor £275.00
Root canal treatment Pre Molar £375.00
Root canal treatment Molar £475.00
Whitening - home. £360 total from £180.00 per arch
Mouth gard soft from £125
Mouth gard hard from £250
Veneers from £450.00
White Fillings from £75.00
Smile Design prices given at consultation appointment
Orthodontics prices given at consultation appointment
Dental implant from £1800.00
Dentures from  £302.00
Sports guard/night guard from  £90.00
Simple from £95.00
Surgical from £145.00
Surgical with Tim from £200.00
IV Sedation POA


Some of our patients pay for their treatment through a monthly dental payment plan arranged for them by Denplan, the UK’s leading dental payment plan specialist. It helps patients budget for their routine dental care and treatment by making regular monthly payments.

We currently offer Denplan Care:

This payment plan provides for the majority of dental treatment to maintain your dental health. A dental assessment is made so that the price you pay is dependent on the 'health' of your mouth. It includes the following treatment, when clinically necessary and where carried out at the practice by your registered dentist:

Supplementary Insurance arranged by Denplan, which provides you with worldwide dental injury and dental emergency cover and access to Denplan's 24 hour Worldwide Dental Emergency Helpline

Denplan Essentials is also available at Maple.

This payment plan provides for your routine preventive dental care and you pay for restorative treatment as you need it. It is easy to set up and no pre assessment is necessary. It includes:

Joining Denplan